My Solfa Piano Book - Part 1

My Solfa Piano Book – Part 1


Piano lessons for beginners on the black keys, using solfa and musicianship through singing.

Product Description

My Solfa Piano Books follow a Kodály programme and are attractively presented in full colour with original illustrations and instructions for singing games. Designed for children in Years 1 – 3, they are also effective with other year-groups. Teachers work at the pupil’s pace, depending on previous experience.

Pupils learn simple songs and rhymes taught through singing games and musical activities. Notated in rhythm solfa, songs start with two pitches and follow a progression to ‘do’ pentatonic. The songs provide the first keyboard repertoire, starting on black keys to foster a good hand position. The repertoire gives scope for ensemble playing with canons, simple ostinatos and accompaniments to develop the ear and sense of pulse as well as building co-ordination and finger control. In addition to songs and solfa exercises there are rhythm and written exercises, and progressive technical exercises simply presented.

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